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As Christian adults, we go through many stages in our lives—finishing up college, developing a career, starting and nurturing a family, becoming an “empty-nester,” retiring... All of these events, and so many others, are more helpful, significant and joy-filled when we do not have to walk them alone.

Wherever you are in life, there are opportunities here to continue moving along your spiritual pathway.

Adult Sunday School Classes: 

- The Gathering Class

- Prime Time Class

- Prime Time Plus​


The Gathering

This class consists of parents with elementary children who discuss a mixture of current topics using video series.

* located in room 202


Prime Time

This class consists of parents with teenagers to active grandparents who discuss a variety of Biblical and current topics using video series.

* located in room A21


Prime Time Plus

This class consists of mature adults (approximately 60 years old and above) who read a variety of study materials and actively discuss the ideas found there when they gather on Sunday. The group cares for class members by staying closely connected.

* located in room A20


Supper Club: The second Thursday of the month we gather in fellowship at a different local restaurant at 6pm.This is a great way to get to know each other better and share stories. Sign up in the welcome center.

Senior Lunch: Seniors meet for lunch each month on the 3rd Thursday to fellowship with each other. Keep an eye on the announcements and the front page news for each month's location.


Men’s Group: Each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm men of our church gather in room 202 and answer the question,” How is it with your soul?” We discuss our faith and share insights, help each other with advice, and have great conversation. The first Wednesday of the month we join for a meal at 5pm at the Findlay Brewing Company before we meet at 6:30.


Women’s Group: The women of St. Paul's meet monthly for a evening of learning, fun, and fellowship. Check out the front page news and announcements for each month's activity.

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